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FIFA Mobile -  Celebrate the Festive Season with the Football Freeze Event

Football Freeze is a FIFA Mobile winter event during which players complete events to get reward points, open free gifts and packs from the store. 
Just in time for the holidays, FIFA Mobile added a new program called Football Freeze. Events, cards, packs, and, of course, rewards are available. Players will begin by opening the Events menu from the Home screen. They will see four main categories called chapters: temperature, snowflake, frozen gifts, and holiday calendar. Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo is here to guide players. He explains that they will need to take part in skill games in the temperature chapter. Players can see these games on the vertical panel on the left side of the screen. This panel is called the Thermometer. As it's expected, players will be rewarded with holiday themed items called Boiling and Freezing points. Every day, the thermometer refreshes adding new games and the chance to get more rewards. These points are needed for the second chapter that is called Snowflake. The Frozen Gifts chapter gives players the possibility to exchange Frozen Gift points for rewards. The Holiday Calendar is an event that allows players to get one daily reward. There are no games to be played. Players just need to tap each day's icon to get their prize. 

New packs are available from the store for the duration of the event. The Freeze Offer pack costs around $6 (the price is shown in local currency) and contains one Freeze player with at least 80 OVR and Freezing or Boiling points. The Frozen Offer pack is also bought for real money and it costs around $12. For this money players will get Freeze XP, Freezing or Boiling points, and gift points that are gold quality or better. The Football Freeze pack costs 1,000 FIFA points. It contains 50,000 FIFA Mobile coins, three Freeze items, and five skill boosts. The Football Freeze Bundle has five Football Freeze packs, three Freeze items, and 100,000 coins. Players will need to pay 5,000 FIFA points for it. There is a second Football Freeze Bundle available but it is more expensive. It costs 10,000 FIFA points and it contains 10 Football Freeze packs, one 80+ OVR Freeze player card, and nine Freeze items.  

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